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Our classes are taught by current performers in the travel trade who have tremendous national and international exposure.


Dynamic Program 

The training will consist of Live connect classes, quizzes, and access to a well-designed world-class software to learn at your own pace.


In-depth Curriculum 

All our courses are covered in great detail giving you an in-depth understanding.


Unique Model

Never seen models developed by CEOs'.


our students

Proven Track Record

Kidhea Abdullah Alhabs

Oman Airways 

Muscat International Airport

I have enjoyed the Diploma in Travel and Tourism very much and gained exactly the knowledge I was looking for! Thank you very much, ATM Academy. 


Manager - Customer care  & Reservations 

True Jet

ATM Academy has excellent trainers and friendly staff. I did my Travel & Tourism diploma from ATM,  the trainer doesn't rush and makes sure that you understand the concept thoroughly (hands-on practice included) before moving on to the next.  I started off as a learner and then become a Trainer to a product expert, and to Process setup expert. My pay package changed from a  5 Digit salary to a 7 digit into a short span, this is thanks to the exposure I got at my training at ATM Academy. The Diploma contained relevant & honest presentations that we can actually relate to and aren’t just trying to “sell us". The content was informative in terms of strategies to enable learner success. It was a career-changing course for me. Thank you very much in making me an aviator. ATM Academy, Real-Time Experts

Priya Macknes

Indigo Airlines 

My heartfelt gratitude to ATM Academy for training me to what I am today. I still remember the first day when the founder of this Academy gave us a seminar at my college about the travel trade. I immediately took up the course. The training that I have received through ATM Academy both technical and practical has helped me to set a mark where ever I go. Thank you very much, ATM.

Jeyaprakash A

Asst.Vice President 

Prithvi Exchange India Limited

It was immense luck and fortune to be part of ATM Academy. My 3 months of the learning experience at the ATM academy enhanced my skills. My sincere appreciation and gratitude to all the faculties, mentors, and the entire team at ATM Academy. Overall it was a life-changing experience for me. 


Silk Air 

(Singapore Airlines)

ATM has moulded my personality and clarified my vision for the future.
I heard about this academy from a friend and remember how we used to attend special classes by ATM Academy on VISA and ticket Fare calculations. After completing my course, I was advised by the academy to drop-in my resume in GSA Airline offices for placement. I was selected as a Reservation & Ticketing agent in ETA Travel Agency Pvt Ltd (which was GSA-Malaysia Airlines). It was a privilege for me to receive my Diploma Certificate after my Job Confirmation by my Sales Manager Mr.Janardhan at the convocation organised by ATM Academy. I worked with Malaysia Airlines and now I am part of Silk Air Singapore Airlines Pvt Ltd for almost 5 years today.
My advice to new students - You are a work-in-progress – don’t expect to get everything right the first time!
Most of all, enjoy every moment and smile. Let’s take our Academy to greater heights of success


Ottila Int Pvt Ltd 

Asst. Manager Sales and Marketing for AP & Telangana 

When I finished my diploma course in travel and tourism, the academy prepared me for my first job interview and it was a success. I got a job at Ottila International Pvt Ltd - A multinational tourism promotion company. I have been working in the same firm for over 10 years. Although I am a graduate it is this job skill training at ATM Academy that empowered me with a career for life.

Our founder

Sujatha Cecilia

Hi, Welcome to ATM Academy, let me share my story with you. After my Post Graduation, I set up my travel company in 1996 and have seen tremendous success.
Together with my team, I was able to touch many hearts and craft life long memories. We build and empower the lives of those who join us on our journey and together we made brand - Across the Monde (ATM) Travel and Tours Pvt Ltd. While establishing the brand, alongside , I set up - ATM Academy to share the joys of my findings with several youths and travel passionate people.
More than a businesswoman I am a mentor at heart. Thus it gives me great joy to watch my students grow to great heights. I look forward to ATM Academy to reach out to passionate learners all over the world and ignite a spark of success and dynamic careers.
This is my story and I am sure you will agree with me - Life is like a baton relay. If everyone can keep passing on what they received we could make the World a Better Place. I hope you enjoy your experience here and wishing you good luck with all your life's endeavours.

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