About Us. 

Across the Monde Travel and Tours Pvt Ltd is a well-established travel company with all international accreditations and licensing. Popularly known as ATM travels the brand has stood the test of 2 decades in the travel industry and has handled several thousands of passengers. 

ATM travels boasts of a long list of loyal customers and we have not just stopped at this.
We ventured to share our knowledge with several hundreds of travel passionate people who want to make a career in travel and thus ATM Academy was formed by the founder of ATM Travels and Tours Pvt Ltd. 

This way we create a dual story we leave our passengers with lasting memories and we empower hundreds of students with our travel trade training so our knowledge lives on. 

What makes ATM Academy different is that we are hardcore travel professionals who have extensive travel history and diverse client handling skills and have made time to design modules and teach several hundreds of students.
In simple terms we sell travel and teach travel, hence students are taught current happening information and also get access to trade standing and contacts aid placements.

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  Across The Monde (ATM) Travel and Tours Pvt Ltd 

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ATM Academy

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