Diploma in Travel and Tourism Part (2)

Instructors: Sujatha Cecilia

Validity Period: 50 days



Why this course?


Course Curriculum

Basics of International Tour Operations Part 1 (32:00)
Basics of International Tour Operations Part 2 (34:00)
Basics of International Tour Operations Part 3 (12:00)
OAG (Official Airline Guide) & important organizations (14:00)
Terms and definitions (Part 1) (10:00)
Terms and Definitions (Part 2) (16:00)
Terms and Definitions (Part 3) (4:00)
Terms and Definitions (Part 4) (11:00)
Phonetics (5:00)
Types of Transportation (19:00)
Types of hotels, beds and menus - 1 (21:00)
Example of a Wild life Lodge - Giraffe Manor (1:00)
Types of Beds (5:00)
Types of Menus (8:00)
Food service types (16:00)

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