Finesse Finish Course

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Language: English

Instructors: Sujatha Cecilia

Validity Period: 90 days

Max Viewing Hours: 120 Hours

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Why this course?


Finesse Finish is one of a kind course which teaches you an inclusive set of skills for overall personality development and life lessons. 

The ultimate aim of the course is Joie de vivre - Joy of living. The happiness quotient is derived from balanced wholistic life management. Managing health from within helps the basis of beauty. On the nourished tapestry of healthy skin, great makeup contouring will bring about a wow finish. While we manage wholistic life balance, mental stress tends to take over, and hence work and life balance can go to jeopardy. Our course teaches you to effectively organize and manage life.

A beautiful personality needs a beautiful nest. Our course helps you to make a beautiful home, create wonderful interiors, dining etiquette, plating, and hosting. 

Life sails should be navigated with training and expertise and not be left to drift by the wind.  

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